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Do you have a Swarm of Bees?

A swarm of bees should not be approached by people with no experience with bees in the interests of health and safety.

A swarm can be a very dramatic and alarming sight as there may be hundreds of bees swirling around. They will eventually settle into a cluster if not too disturbed. Do not be tempted to hush them away as they could then follow you..in which case you may be in serious trouble.

Encourage people to keep away from the area where the bees are swarming and leave them be. If the bees chase you…RUN

Bees can swarm on Lamp Posts, Fire Hydrants, Benches, Buildings, Chimneys, Trees or any static object and in the most akward of places.. The size of the swarm can vary.

Bees in swarm mode are not prone to stinging but it can happen.

Do not kill  them as bees are  hugely vital to the planet and in helping to keep us all fed because of their role as pollinators.

Contact us at 0862064919 if you are concerned about a swarm.