Joe Kennedy and Dan O’Brien 1957

East Waterford Beekeepers Association.

The East Waterford Beekeepers’ Association had its first meeting in 1957.  The following is a summary of that meeting.

“The inaugural meeting of the East Waterford Beekeepers Association was held in the kitchen of my house at Dunabrattin, Annestown, Waterford in April 1957. Peter O’Sullivan the area Horticultural Instructor, who lived in Kilmeaden was the Convenor. Seven people attended; five beekeepers plus my mother and myself (aged 16).

Joe Kennedy, Manager of Kilbeg Creamery was appointed Chairman. My father Dan O’Brien, principal of Kill National School was appointed Secretary/Treasurer. The other two beekeepers, Neddy Purcell from Grannagh, Mooncoin, who worked in the sawmill in Morris’s old timber yard, and another man (name forgotten) made up the committee.

The Subscription for full members was set at two shillings & six pence (a half-crown) now equal to 16 cent. For associate members the sub. was one shilling. The associate membership was to encourage those interested but hadn’t a hive yet. My mother and I joined.”

Our thanks to Donal O’Brien who submitted this article(Donal Beekeeping to this day and is a member of our Association).

The Association holds it’s meetings over the Autumn, Winter, and Spring months. Lectures are delivered during this time also, covering a wide range of subjects, details of which may be viewed in the Calendar section of this site.

Currently, we have 81 members.