Tall Ships 2011

We were asked to attend to this hive for the 2011 Tall Ships in Waterford.

Preliminary Apiary Practical Exam 18th May 2019

Below are photos of the group that did the Preliminary Exam on 18th May 2019. We had 4 from EWBA and 3 from SKBA.

John Cunningham was the examiner.

Pat Crowley Apiary Manager and Pat Barrett provided lots of practical tuition before the exam.

Jimmy Giles was on hand also doing lots of practical work in the background

Many thanks to all who helped. It was a great day.

Harvesting in August 2011

The harvest of 2011 looks as if it was a mighty good one.

Featuring: Noel Calanan, Eoin Calanan, Mike Hughes, Micheal Kavanagh and Eamonn Fitzgerald