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Useful Links

Apiary Calendar – County Louth Beekeepers’ Association (

Beginners-Booklet-post-proof-16-for-web-English.pdf (

BeekeepingTimetable.pdf (

Federation of Irish Beekeepers Association (FIBKA)


DAFM Honey Producer Registration Form

DAFM Honey Production Information

DAFM Bee Health Information

Colony Record Card

Bee Medicines Record Card

Making up a Nuc

Useful Information – Wax Processing, Hive Frame Sterilisation, Winter Hive Prep and much more

American Foul Brood

European Foul Brood

Sugar Shaker method of Varroa Detection

Varroa Calculator

South Tipperary Beekeepers Association

Dave Cushman/Roger Patterson

National Irish Honey Bee Society (NIHBS)

Useful Information Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN

The Apiarist

Scientific Beekeeping – Randy Oliver

Honey Bee Suite – Rusty Burlew

The Norfolk Honey Company – video

Drone Brood – Video

Front Page – Welsh Beekeepers Association (

Information for Kids