Introduction to Beekeeping Course

Our Introduction to Beekeeping Course is starting on 02/03/2021 online at 7pm.

Application Form is available on the ‘Home’ page under ‘Education’ and then Introduction to Beekeeping Course.

Email the Application Form to the Secretary at: waterfordbees@gmail.com

View our Real Time Calendar for all upcoming online Lectures

There are 10 on line Lectures listed on the Calendar between 13/01/2021 and 28/02/2021.
Click on the event in the calendar, then click the link, then you can join/registerr. 

Some lectures don’t have a link from the website but if you go to our facebook page they are listed there.

FIBKA On-Line Lectures

FIBKA has organised a series of on-line lectures for members for the next few weeks. Associations are unable to host the usual Autumn series of lectures due to Covid-19.

There are some very interesting speakers.

To register for these lectures see your email address as the registration link was sent to you all  today 22/09/2020

See our Real-Time Calendar for details


EWBA AGM was held via ZOOM due to Covid-19 Restrictions on 14/10/2020.

Our new Chairperson is Donal Lehane and our new Treasurer is Michael Veale.

The meeting was attended by 22 members.

A synopsis of the meeting will be sent to all members 16/10/2020

EWBA Apiary Registered as a Food Producer.

As of 16/07/2020 the EWBA Apiary is registered with the Department of Agriculture as a food producer and therefore can sell Apiary honey to the general public.

EWBA is the first Beekeeping Association in Ireland to have their Apiary registered as a food producer.