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Dr. Dewey Caron, “Reading the Hive” Hosts: Bo Sterk & David Westervelt by Bees Beyond Borders..Note Time..12am-1:30am

2nd October 2021 @ 12:00 am - 1:30 am

Dr. Dewey Caron, Professor, Author, Legend

About this event

“Reading the Hive” – How to move beyond the debris (monitoring) board and hefting without opening to read the hive. Moving to action central, the brood area, to examine and how to read brood frames to understand what is happening in the hive during the season. A hive is like a mystery novel – turn the page (i.e. remove and read another brood frame) to solve the mystery of what the bees are attempting to tell u

Dr Dewey M. Caron is Emeritus Professor of Entomology & Wildlife Ecology, Univ of Delaware, & Affiliate Professor, Dept Horticulture, Oregon State University. I enjoyed professional appointments at Cornell (1968-70), Univ of Maryland (1970-81) and U Delaware 1981-2009, serving as entomology chair at the last 2. I spent a sabbatical year at the USDA Tucson lab 1977-78. I helped establish graduate Entomology degree Univ of Panama and had Fulbright in Panama and Bolivia working with Africanized bees. Wrote Africanized bees in the Americas (2001). I retired from Univ of Delaware in 2009 and moved to Portland, OR to be closer to grandkids. I am principal author of HBHC Tools for Varroa Management and Best Management Practices and Identifying and Mitigating Foulbrood in honey bee colonies; Information for Beekeepers and Veterinarians.

In retirement I remain active in bee education, writing for newsletters, giving Bee Short Courses, assisting in several Master beekeeper programs and giving presentations to local, state and regional bee clubs. I am author of Honey Bee Biology & Beekeeping, major textbook used in University and Association bee courses and have a new bee book (my 10th) The Complete Bee Handbook published by Rockridge Press in 2020. I wrote 2 book Chapters in recently released Honey Bee Medicine.hive like a text book. Opening it page by page.

		Dr. Dewey Caron, "Reading the Hive"  Hosts: Bo Sterk & David Westervelt image




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